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Cable And Wire Management

What Cable Organization Can Do for Your Life


Now more than ever before, people have to deal with unsightly cables all over their homes. Your cluttered cables are not just an eyesore, they can also be a danger to your safety. You could easily trip and fall over one of them. A loose wire looks like a fun toy to children and animals. Keeping your cables organized is essential to keeping your home safe and uncluttered.


There are quite a few tools available for organizing your cables. Always tie back cables that are longer than necessary. There are also several items designed specifically to hold cables, such as nylon or Velcro ties. There are also wraps that can go around several cords at once and keep them bound together.


These types of ties are normally used to organize cables hanging behind furniture, like desks. Many people install a grommet to allow cables from their desk to easily pass through to the outlet near the floor. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a clamp that clips to your desk and holds all of your cords. Since desks are a hotbed of cable activity, there are quite a few solutions aimed specifically at them.


When you need a cable to go from one side of a room to another, then you will want to invest in some other types of products. There are split tubes that you can put your cords in and hide them along the wall. The concept is the same for all these types of products, though you have several options of material. Where appropriate, you can also trap the cord to the wall by using staples. Of course, you need to be extremely careful not to staple into your cord.


A surface raceway systems box can help you hide cables that need to run along a wall. You can stick these boxes anywhere and they can disguise many cables at one time. You can get these boxes in many colors to match your decor. Made of sturdy plastic, these boxes are an inexpensive way to add cohesion to your space. There are also specialty models to fit unique types of cords. Boxes can go a long way towards making your home look organized.


This article has given you a few of the best cable wire management ideas. Dealing with the ugly wires in your home is a clear-cut way to make your life feel more organized. For only a little effort, you can ensure that your appliances and wires look tidy and organized. Be one of the few people who actually do something about their cable mess. This article shows that managing your cord mess is quick and painless, so get to it!