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Cable And Wire Management

Your Network Cabling and Wiring Needs


Unless you constantly want to be installing new voice and data network infrastructure, you should take some time now to determine what type of network cables and structured wiring strategies will serve your company well for the years to come. For you to take on this task it will be important for you to consider the short term and long term needs, you will want to look at the technology advancements, corporate working environment, and cost of network maintenance. This type of assessment requires an orderly process, it will take some time for you to look at everything.


Before you seek out vertical wire management, you will need to identify what needs to be installed and running right away. Think about it in terms of how many workplaces your network is going to have to accommodate. This includes phone support for incoming and outgoing calls, the number of lines it will need to manage, and what features you want the network to support. You will also need to determine how much bandwidth your company will need for all of your internet needs. Ideally you will choose a network structure that can support real time responses, so your staff can manage all of their tasks quickly and efficiently.


Moving forward, you do not want to make the assumption that surface raceway solutions you need now is going to be sufficient for your needs a year from now. In that time frame, your business could and hopefully does have a significant increase in business volume. You need to think about your business forecast when you speak with different structured cabling contractors and cable installers. What you want is a voice and data cable network that give you little downtime and has the capability to be expanded as needed in the future. If you do everything right in the front end, then the expansion process will be a lot easier for your business.


You need to be prepared for unexpected changes with your company or industry. Your business could face a shift in the industry and this would affect how your company runs. One example of this would be if you found that audio conferencing is not adequate for communicating with your investors and customers. If this were the case for your business you might come to find out that you need to use a greater array of internet based communication. If you have installed a structured network that is capable of supporting this increase in bandwidth then the only thing you would need to address is training for your employees on how to use the new tools effectively. If you have the infrastructure in place then the training will be easy for your business and employees.